EVENT DATE June 2nd 2018

The Fundraising

Fundraising Tips

  • Be goal oriented.

    Set a goal (be ambitious) and let everyone know what it is; they will want to help you get there.

  • Know the cause and spread the passion.

    People respond when you show passion for the cause.  They say a photo is worth 1,000 words, so feel free to use any photos you find on this site or on our Facebook page to help you spread the passion.

  • Make a donation yourself.

    People like to see that you are willing to put your money behind this cause too.

  • Don’t be bashful.

    Tell everyone you know about what you are trying to accomplish; consider putting a “signature” on your e-mails letting people know what you are up to, maybe with a link to the Tour de H2O website (www.tourdeh2o.org).

  • Provide information.

    Feel free to hand-out or e-mail this flyer to people so that they can quickly learn a bit more about the cause.

  • Network, network, network.

    Use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word.

  • Double your money.

    Check with your HR department at work to see if they have a matching gift program where all donations by their employees are matched by the company.

  • Make it easy.

    Encourage people to make their donations directly on-line by either going directly to your fundraising page or to Donation Page (make sure they put in your name when asked who they are supporting with their donation).

  • Remind people this is good for their taxes.

    These donations go directly to Global Partners for Development and are tax deductible.

Ideas for Reaching Your Goal

  • Go small.

    Ask lots of people for small donations.  $10 donations add-up.

  • Go big.

    Ask a few people for large donations.  Target your wealthy friends and relatives and hope they make big donations

  • Go one drop at a time.

    Put a change bucket near the coffee machine at work and ask co-workers to drop in their pocket change.

  • Pack it.

    Pack your lunch for a week instead of eating out and donate the money you save.

  • Feed ‘em.

    Make a plate of cookies and put them by the coffee machine at work with a cup and request for donations.

  • Feed ‘em again.

    Order pizza for your friends or co-workers and suggest that instead of going out to lunch, they donate $10 and share the pizza with you.

  • Clean it out.

    Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds.  This accomplishes two things: you get your closets and basement cleaned-out AND you help achieve your goal.

  • Double-up.

    Tell your friends you will match any donation they make, up to a certain amount.